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The main utility that 'EA Connector for Confluence' provides is exporting the documentation inherent to the EA Repositories to a Confluence's space including diagrams, hyperlinks, linked documents, and many other artifacts information.

In the example shown below, we start with a model whose documentation is wanted to be published into Confluence:


To Publish the Enterprise Architect documentation:

  1. In Enterprise Architect, select from the Project Browser the package that contains the elements' documentation to be published.

  2. Select the menu item "Extensions | EA Connector for Confluence | Publish Documentation". 
    (Note: EA Connector for Confluence only can be launched if a package is selected).

  3. If not logged yet, a Confluence login window appears. 
    Input the URL of the Confluence's server where you want to publish the documentation, and the User and Password of the Confluence's user who is going to perform the publication.

  4. The following screen will appear:  

Let's explain the steps we'll follow in this screen below:

  1. We have to select the Confluence's Space where we are going to publish the documentation or, selecting the  New Space  option, to indicate that we want to publish in a new  blank  space.

  2. If we choose using an existing space we can keep the existing pages that don't belong to the current collection or deleting these pages.

  3. Then, we select the kind of content (diagrams, relationships, collections...) that we want to publish in Confluence. 

  4. The next step is about choosing the Hierarchy that will follow the Confluence Space. We'll focus on the different options later

  5. Also, we must choose the format of the images that we'll export to Confluence among these three choices: JPG, GIF and PNG and, finally, we can open our Confluence's page once finished the publication and decide if we want to keep the selected parameters for further publications.

  6. Clicking "Generate" will launch the publish process, which will display the following message after completion:

  7. If we chose to show the Confluence's page once finished the process it will be shown in our browser:


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