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Release Notes 4.0.2

  • Bug fix: Fixed a problem on Profields Scheme load.

Release Notes 4.0.1

  • Bug fix: Now Project Navigator works properly for JIRA 6.3.
  • Bug fix: Now you can use the operator !~ in the advanced searching of the Project Navigator.
  • Bug fix: Now "Shared by" (on a schema mapping) works properly.

Release Notes 4.0

  • New Project Navigator: Now you can search projects across JIRA instance using the Profields’s fields as search criteria and select the Basic Searching or Advanced Searching mode for more accuracy. You can also save the search results as filters or export it to Microsoft Excel.
  • New Script field type: This feature allows you to create fields that can store Groovy script code and run it from the ‘Profields Fields’ tab. The script code can be typed directly into its properties or from a file located in the JIRA Server file system.
  • New Script based workflow operations: This feature enables you three new Groovy script based operations with access to the Profields’s API to add to your workflow’s transitions. You can type the code in the configuration screen or indicate the script file location from the JIRA Server file system.


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