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Get started with Profields administration

This article will guide you through the Profields' administration screen. On it, you will be able to set the permission to use and manage the project fields, their values and the layouts.

Step 1: Go to the admin screen

  1. Click on the Profields button on the JIRA top bar
  2. Click on the Administration button

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Step 2: The admin screen

Profields has a single admin screen, there's no need to be a JIRA admin to configure and manage Profields but you will need to be a Profields Administrator

What is a Profields Administrator?

Those who are Profields admins can create fields, fields layouts and associate project to fields layout. At the first moment, right after installing Profields everyone that is a JIRA Project administrator is also a Profields admin. This situation can be changed on the administration screen.

To set who has Profields admin privileges follow the next steps:

  1. Disable the option "Permissions for everyone", this option allows every JIRA Project admin to be a Profields admin.
  2. In the Profields Administrator section that now is enabled, you can select the users and groups that will have Profields admin privileges, search, filter and select those you wish.
  3. You can enable the option "Permissions for everyone" at any time you want, then any JIRA Project admin will also a Profields Admin but the users and groups that are selected before won't disappear. 
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