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Get started with Profields

This article will guide you through your first steps in Profields. We wanted you to feel comfortable with the use of Profields so we won't make you mad navigating for many steps and screens. Just with a few clicks and you will get results.

Step 1: Getting Started screen

The getting started screen is the first screen you will see after installing Profields. You can reach this screen via this three scenarios:

  1. Just after installing Profields clicking the button "Getting Started"
  2. On the JIRA side menu bar section, click on Profields button, then click on "Getting Started"

  3. Then click on "Getting Started"

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Step 2: On the Getting Started screen

The Getting Started screen has everything you need to start creating project fields and layouts. It has many sections that will guide you through your first steps, let's see them:


Step 3: How to

The How to section explain at-a-glance and in just 1 minute every feature of Profields and what you can do with it. Just click on "HOW TO" button and a popup screen will appear. Clicking on "Next" will be passing the slides.





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