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Release Notes 4.1.3

  • Bug fixed: JIRA custom field cache updated after editing the name of a project field with a custom field associated. This solve some synchronization problems.
  • Bug fixed: A bug have been solved on the saving process of a list project field with external sources.

Release Notes 4.1.2

  • Bug fixed: Export in project navigator doesn't show the profields values.

Release Notes 4.1.1

  • Bug fixed: Project Query Language in "Summary gadget" does not work if has special characters.
  • Bug fixed: Fields remain selected in "more" dropdown of the project navigator when the selection was cleared.
  • Bug fixed: Project tab throws error when it's accessed without logged in user.

Release Notes 4.1

  • New Project Fields Summary gadget: A new concept of the gadget Summary that uses the Profields Query Language to select the projects to show (View).
  • Use project fields as custom fields: It is possible to associate project fields to custom fields and use them all along JIRA. (View)
  • Script console administration page: You can execute script immediately in a page. (View)
  • Project Navigator search engine optimization: Optimized performance of Project Navigator's search engine.


  • Bug fixed: Field syncronizator service error when install the plugin.
  • Bug fixed: Date field stores empty string when JIRA has an invalid date format configured.
  • Bug fixed: Float field format with different locales.
  • Bug fixed: Not displayed correctly linked list type fields when you modify the field 'son'.


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