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Until now it was very laborious to associate a new Profields scheme to all projects you wanted. If you created a new scheme and you wanted to associate it to some projects, you had to navigate to every project page, to Project Fields in the administration section and then associate it to the scheme.

At this moment, this process is quite simple: you can associate a scheme to as many projects as you like in the same screen.

You cannot change the scheme or delete it for a project at this page. To do this you have to navigate to Project Fields screen in the administration section of each project.

Associating several projects to a scheme

To use this functionality you have to click on the action "Associate" on the left part of your scheme in Schemes screen.

Once you click on that link, you will be redirected to a new page where you can select the projects that will have associated this scheme.

There is a combo box to select projects. You are able to write the name of the project (autocomplete is activated) or select it from the list. Only projects without a scheme associated will be shown on it.

Projects that have been associated before will appear with status Associated, but if you want to associate some new projects to the scheme, its status will be Pending until you click on save button.

It is possible to remove a projects with Pending status, then the row will be removed and the combobox will contain the project again.

When changes are saved, you will be able to see that your projects are now associated to the scheme.

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