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Release Notes 4.2.9

  • Bug fix: The gadgets that use PQL in its configuration are broken when clicking in maximize button (
  • Bug fix: Improved profield list index process.
  • Bug fix: Missing or malformed url parameter in gadget when add a lot of fields

Release Notes 4.2.8

  • Bug fix: Fix NullPointerException while processing options in Custom Field List.

Release Notes 4.2.7

  • Bug fix: Test Connection fails with driver not found.

Release Notes 4.2.6

  • Bug fix: Add fields to a scheme when the scheme is already associated does not work in Internet Explorer.

Release Notes 4.2.5

  • Bug fix: Fix Atlassian changes in the styles of the dropdown in JIRA 6.4
  • Bug fix: Edit button in the project tab screen does not work in JIRA 6.4
  • Bug fix: List field is broken when it is used as a custom field.

Release Notes 4.2.4

  • Bug fix: Calculated Fields are not shown when they are alone in the searcher.
  • Bug fix: Fix bug when adding sources to a child list from Java Api
  • Bug fix: Corrected behaviour of Script field. The Java API and REST Api have been changed.
  • Bug fix: The url of Source Rest for add elements was incorrect.
  • Bug fix Warning message when some pages that including dropdowns are left.
  • Bug fix: Changed the descriptions of the JavaScript field in the page of edit the field.
  • Bug fix: Changed incorrect labels in the History panel
  • Bug fix: Added description to the sort type field in the configuration page
  • Bug fix: Fixed error when any of the elements of the calculation in the timesheet gadget is null.
  • Bug fix: Inconsistent data are saved when using tab in the Edit/Add field page
  • Bug fix: Fixed bad redirection when try to create an scheme from the administration project tab

Release Notes 4.2.3

  • Big fix: Gadgets break the Gadget Directory

Release Notes 4.2.2

  • Big fix: New Gadgets does not work in JIRA 6.0.x

Release Notes 4.2.1

  • Redefine the configuration screen of the gadget Timesheet: Changed the element position and the remaining estimate definition in configuration screen. (View)

  • Bug fix: In "One Field" gadget, no values were shown in the bar chart when it had few rows.
  • Bug fix: Custom fields associated to project fields will be shown correctly in screens. If a project field does not have value, its associated custom field won't be shown.
  • Bug fix: profieldsOperator is not working well when we uses it with "major and minor than" operator and a text field.
  • Bug fix: Links to projects in the "Associate projects screen" is not working in JIRA with context path.

Release Notes 4.2

  • New Gadget One Field Statistic Chart: A new concept of the gadget One field that uses the Profields Query Language to select the projects to show. (View)
  • New Gadget Two-Dimensional Project Statistics Report: A new concept of the gadget Two fields that uses the Profields Query Language to select the projects to show. (View)
  • New Gadget Project Timesheet Report: A new concept of the gadget Project Timesheet Report that uses the Profields Query Language to select the projects to show and enables the possibility to filter issues. (View)
  • Link several projects to a scheme in one step: It is possible to associate several projects to a Profields scheme in only one screen. (View)
  • Project Fields Tab scripts: A new way to adapt every project tab to your style, now you can execute scripts for those screens. (View)
  • Project variables for List field with external sources: Use project key or project id on your queries for external sources on the List field. (View)


  • Bug fix: Error in project tab when a project doesn't have any scheme associated.
  • Bug fix: Error trying to associate a scheme to a project when there is no scheme created.
  • Bug fix: Negative query for the "category" operand doesn't work, it returns  the results for a positive query.

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