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Release Notes 4.3.6

    • Bug fixed: when a custom field has the same name of a Profields' field
    • Bug fixed: get the users by the user name instead of the user key
    • Bug fixed: Show an unsupported message in the project navigator when JIRA is using HSQLDB

Release Notes 4.3.5

    • Bug fixed: List field does not populate issue custom field when the list is external.
    • Bug fixed: Fix javascript error when try to save a field

Release Notes 4.3.4

    • Bug fixed: The method getValuesForProject(Project) of the ProjectValueService return always an emptyList

Release Notes 4.3.3

    • Bug fixed: Long values in multiple list field can not remove when they are selected in the project tab edit screen

Release Notes 4.3.2

    • Bug fixed: Extension for JIRA Service Desk add-on breaks the execution of the fields edit page.

Release Notes 4.3.1

    • Bug fixed: Associate project screen is slow when JIRA has a lot of projects.

Release Notes 4.3.0

    • New Feature: Profields is now compatible with JIRA Data Center instances. There is a limitation, custom fields associated to project fields cannot be created on these instances.
    • Bug fixed: Slow performance when a scheme with a lot of fields and projects associated is configured.


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