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This page describes how to define and execute a basic search in the Project Navigator. You can also define and execute a search using the PQL (Advanced Searching).

Screenshot: Basic search (click to view full size image)

Performing a basic search

To perform a new basic search in the Project Navigator:

  1. Choose Projects > Project Navigator. The Project Navigator is displayed.
    • If there are existing search criteria, click the New filter button to reset the search criteria.
    • If the Basic link is showing (in other words, you are in the Advanced searching mode), click Basic to switch search modes. This is what you should see:

  2. Enter the criteria for the search. You can search against Profields fields (fields that have been created in Profields) and/or search for Projects and/or Category, as described below:
    • Searching against by default fields — To search against specified fields, you need to select the fields then specify the fields values that you want to find.
      1. Select fields as criteria — The Project and Category fields are always available as criteria. 
      2. Specify the value for each field — Click the field criterion and tick/enter the desired value in the dropdown. If the desired value is not shown in the list, start typing the name of value the to filter the list, as shown here:

    • Searching against specified Profields fields— If you want to search using additional Profields fields as criteria, click More and tick the desired Profields fields. Enter the desired text in the Find fields text box and press Enter.
      1. Select fields as criteria — All the Profields fields are available as criteria.

      2. Specify the value for each field — Click the field criterion and enter the desired value in the Write text text box as shown here:

  3. The search results will automatically update.

Saved search

Search results are saved as filters. For details, see Using Profields Filters.


To perform a saved search:
  1. Choose Projects Project Navigator.
  2. Choose any filter from the list on the left (listed alphabetically).
  3. After selecting a filter, the search results are displayed. The search criteria for the filter is also displayed.
  4. You can add, remove or modify the search criteria to refine the search results. You can also save the modified search criteria (if you are updating your own filter), or save a copy of the search criteria as a new filter.

Screenshot: List of filters

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