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Profields's powerful Project Navigator functionality is enhanced by the ability to save filters for later use.  

Screenshot: Project filter results in list view (click to view full size image)

Screenshot: Docking and undocking the filter panel (click to view full size image)


To redisplay the panel, hover the undocking filter panel and then select the button   that appears. This puts the filter panel back in its place.

Running a filter

Run a filter by clicking it. Your saved filters are shown on the left of the project navigator.

To perform a saved search:

  1. Choose Projects > Project Navigator.
  2. Choose any filter from the list on the left.
  3. After selecting a filter, the search results are displayed. The search criteria for the filter is also displayed.
  4. You can add, remove or modify the search criteria to refine the search results. You can also save the modified search criteria (if you are updating your own filter), or save a copy of the search criteria as a new filter.

For instructions on adding, removing or modifying filters, see the following sections.

Saving a search as a filter

To save a search as a filter:

  1. Define and run your search as described in Advanced Searching or Basic Searching.
  2. Click the Save as link above the search results. The Save Filter dialog is displayed.

  3. Enter a name for the new filter and click Submit. Your filter is created.

Renaming a filter

You can rename as well as update the search criteria of an existing filter.

Please note that you can only rename or update filters that you have created. 

To rename an existing filter:

  1. Choose Project > Project Navigator.
  2. Locate the filter you wish to update, click the icon  and select Rename from the dropdown menu.

  3. The Rename Filter dialog is displayed, where you can rename the filter as required.


  4. Enter a new name for the filter and click Submit. Your filter is renamed.

 To update the search criteria of one of your existing filters:

  1. Choose Projects > Project Navigator.
  2. Click the name of the filter to run it and display the search results.
  3. Update the search criteria as desired. You will see the word Edited displayed next to your filter name.

  4. Click Save to overwrite the current filter with the updated search criteria. If you want to save the updated search criterria as a new filter instead, select Save as from the dropdown menu.

Deleting a filter

You can delete any filter that you've created using this procedure.

To delete an existing filter:

  1. Choose Projects Project Navigator.
  2. Locate the filter you wish to delete, click the icon  and select Delete from the dropdown menu.

Copying a Filter

You can copy any filter that was either created by you.

To copy an existing filter:

  1. Choose Projects Project Navigator.
  2. Locate the filter you wish to copy, click the icon  and select copy from the dropdown menu. 

  3. The Copy Filter dialog is displayed: 

  4. Enter a new name for the filter and click Submit. Your filter is copied and appears in the list on the left.


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