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Release Notes 2.5.3

  • Bug fixed: Environment with Oracle database. The description of the sample schemas fails when it is blank.
  • Bug fixed: Environment with Oracle database. Not all fields are displayed in the Project tab Profields when one has a description.

Release Notes 2.5.2

  • Bug fixed: Timesheet Gadget. Miscalculates the percentages of the totals.
  • Bug fixed: The operations drop-down list is below the message on the screen 'Associate scheme'
  • Bug fixed: In Internet Explorer 8 can't see the fields in the Project tab.
  • Bug fixed: The gadgets accepts anonymous users.
  • Bug fixed: The historical progress bar stays permanently active.
  • Bug fixed: Javascript error when editing the code field in project tab.

Release Notes 2.5.1

  • Message ‘No license’ displayed when adding a new scheme. This message no longer appears.
  • Sorting Fields options in General Configuration: The functionality Works fine but the message described the previous behavior. The text has been fixed to explain the current usage.
  • Data Integrity options in General Configuration: The functionality Works fine but the text messages have been changed for a better explanation.

Release Notes 2.5

  • Brand new documentation. We’ve revamped the documentation of Profields. This is only the first step and version by version it will be improved to have the quality level required by a plugin such as Profields.
  • Revamped scheme-based field system. Create Fields, group them by schemes and link/unlink each scheme to a Project according its type or whatever other criteria
  • Project field’s change history. As with JIRA issues, Profields 2.5 includes a Project Fields history log.
  • Sum your parts and get the whole. If you want rates you need totals. Profields 2.5 introduce ‘cumulative’ fields. You only have to select the issue field to add up
  • Let’s change JIRA workflows! Depending on global values you’ll be able to create (or not) new issues, or change (or not) their states, and much more.
  • Bug fixes.

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