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  • Release Notes 3.0.x
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Release Notes 3.0

  • Revamped user experience!.... 100% JIRA 6
  • More Gantt like and more tasks details
  • Calendar Navigation
  • New Filters, …. And much more!

Release Notes 3.0.1

  • Bug fix: where the browser was hanging due to an unexpected behavior when due date fields were filled with certain dates.
  • Bug fix: with Postgres due to a column name in lowercase (generated by an ActiveObjects library).

Release Notes 3.0.2

  • Bug fix: Fixed error caused when Oracle is used as DB in JIRA and the Workload range names are empty.

Release Notes 3.0.3

  • Bug fix: The information grid doesn't refresh when viewing a user's issues and the "Select View" filter value is changed
  • Bug fix: Double clicking on a user duplicates the issues displayed.
  • Bug fix: Not all options are visible in the "Select Jira Filter" drop down list.
  • Bug fix: The "Group" filter doesn't work properly in JIRA 6.0.3

Release Notes 3.0.4

  • Integration with our Fiesta plugin

Release Notes 3.0.5

  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue that was causing a user's assigned work to be duplicated
  • Bug fix: Fixed a communication issue with Fiesta caused in certain cases by the date format and the JIRA instance's language
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where the "View in Issue Navigator" option (within the detailed info pop-up) returns a 404 HTTP error

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