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Release Notes 3.2

  • Now Workload displays a square icon indicating the average workload of the user. The icon displays the color corresponding to the workload and the range defined in the configuration options.

Release Notes 3.2.1

  • Bug fix: Communication with 'Fiesta' is incorrect because of the date format. Depending on the selected language. 

Release Notes 3.2.2

  • Bug fix: The calendar to select dates not working depending on the language 

Release Notes 3.2.3

  • Bug fix: The expired issues are not displayed when selecting a custom field as the starting date. 

Release Notes 3.2.4

  • Bug fix: Year of the current date = 1970 with Oracle database. 

Release Notes 3.2.5

  • Bug fix: Infinity value in average tooltip when the user has no working hours. 


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