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Workload calculates workloads based on the dates associated with the issues assigned to users. The issue field that stores the end date can be a custom field created for this purpose.

The date-type custom fields can be defined in the “End dates” section of the Workload configuration and subsequently selected in Workload to calculate workloads based on one of these fields:


To access the “End dates” configuration:

  1. Log in as a user with JIRA Administrator permissions.

  2. Select the "Add-ons" option in the Admin menu:

  3. Look for the Workload section at the left of the screen and click on "End dates ".

Adding a custom field as an end date in Workload


To add a date-type custom field to Workload, simply:

  1. Select the custom field from the list.

  2. Click “Add"

The custom field added will be shown on the list:



Deleting an end date custom field from Workload

To delete an end date custom field, click on the “Delete” option in the custom field in question:

The deleted custom field will be removed from the list.


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