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This gadget will replace the old one "Project fields Summary (Deprecated)".


You can add this gadget searching by Profields: Project fields Summary (New). 


Configuration screen

Gadget title

You can replace the default title of the gadget to indicate what are you intend to show.


Used to filter the project list showing in the grid.
You can choose between write the Profields Query Language (PQL) directly, or select a filter saved previously in the Project Navigator.

Customize fields

You can customize the columns showing in the result.

If you've chosen "Write PQL" this options is checked and it is not modifiable.

If you choose "From filter" and this option is checked you can select the fields you want to show in the control named "Fields to display". If you uncheck the checkbox the fields to display are the columns stored in the filter when it was created.

Fields to display

You can select the columns you want to show and the order of them.
To add a column, simply select a field in the dropdown and click Add button.
You can remove a field by clicking the trash icon.

You can reorder columns dragging them. The icon to drag is:

View screen

You can sort by column simply clicking in the column header.

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