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This gadget will replace the old one "Project Timesheet Report (Deprecated)".


This gadget generates a summary that shows, for each of the projects returned by the PQL, the original estimate for the project as well as the amount of time spent and remaining for each of the projects (including a percent value).

You can add this gadget searching by Profields: Project Timesheet Report (New). 

Configuration screen

Gadget title

You can replace the default title of the gadget to indicate what are you intend to show.


Used to filter the project list showing in the grid.
You can choose between write the Profields Query Language (PQL) directly, or select a filter saved previously in the Project Navigator.

Issue filter

You can filter the issues for each project by selecting an issue filter. (Be careful with contradictions between issue filter and project filter).

Original estimate

You should select a field in which you have the original estimate value for the projects. You can select a Profields Original Estimate Field or select the summatory of all the original estimate values for the issues of the project.

Time spent

The time spent is always based on the sum of all the time spent of the issues.


How to calculate the remaining estimate. If you choose "Original estimate minus Time spent", it shows the result of the difference between the Original estimate and the Time spent. However if you select "Based on issues remaining", the remaining is the sum of all the issue remaining estimates.

Time unit

 You can select the format of the time result. You can select the three timetracking formats of JIRA:

  • Days: (e.g. 4d 4.5h) 
  • Hours: (e.g. 36.5h)
  • Pretty: (e.g. 4 days, 4 hours, 30 minutes) 


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