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 Release Notes 1.7.0-AC (2.5.0)

  • NEW Parent issues in Excel.
  • NEW New downloading. 
  • NEW New loading animation. 

 Release Notes 1.7.0-AC (2.431)

  • NEW GRPR compliance.

 Release Notes 1.7.0-AC (2.4.26)

  • NEW Number and Date fields are now set as natives in Excel
  • FIXED Removed Jira Software's development field as is just a metadata field, it won't disturb you anymore.

 Release Notes 1.7.0-AC (2.4.20)

  • Fixed an error with the dates, now are shown and exported with the user timezone
  • Changed progress bar color to blue

 Release Notes 1.7.0-AC (2.4.0)

  • Compatibility with JQL functions like currentUser, issueHistory, watchedIssues, etc.
  • Stability improvements and minor bug fixing

 Release Notes 1.6.5-AC (2.3.0)

  • This version is a particular update, we have included the compatibility with JIRA Service Desk fields. Now you can export information about SLA's, CRT and Participants quickly.
  • We have also improved the export process and fixed an error that was causing a significant number of issues not being exported correctly.

 Release Notes 1.6.4-AC (2.1.0) 

  • Now you can perform a bulk link to another issue. (allthethings)

 Release Notes 1.6.4-AC (2.0.0)

New Exporter! 

We have made Exporter from scratch to bring a fully new experience and features:

  • Whole new UI to gain total control of your exports
  • You can uncheck the issues that you don't want to export (like in bulk change)
  • Export all the issues that you want. No more 1000 issues limitation
  • Export to Excel and CSV
  • Include extra content like Attachments, Comments and Transitions
  • Bulk link to an issue

Release Notes 1.6.2-AC. (1.4.4)

  • Bugfix: Added support for undefined list of values for multivalued fields.

Release Notes 1.6.2-AC. (1.4.3)

  • Improvement: Improve performance for some fields export.
  • Bugfix: Solved potential bugs on some type of fields. 

Release Notes 1.6.2-AC. (1.4.2)

  • Bugfix: Multiline text fields are now exported properly to fit with JIRA import step.

Release Notes 1.6.2-AC. (1.4.1)

  • Bugfix: Solved problems with special characters on URLs.

Release Notes 1.6.2-AC. (1.4.0)

  • New feature: Added a new screen while the export file is being generated.
  • Bugfix: Changed to user key some Rest calls that before where using used id.

Release Notes 1.6.1-AC. (1.3.0)

  • New feature: Added new unathorized screens for every call to JIRA to get the data.

Release Notes 1.6.1-AC. (1.2.1)

  • Bugfix: Improvements on text field with multilines.

Release Notes 1.6.1-AC. (1.2.0)

  • New feature: Added a new license invalid screen.

Release Notes 1.6.1-AC. (1.1.6)

  • Bugfix: Better management for undefined objects and error controls.

Release Notes 1.6.1-AC. (1.1.5)

  • Bugfix: Better management for fields (models).

Release Notes 1.6.0-AC. (1.1.4)

  • Bugfix: Improved searches for current fields. Solved problems with its parameters.

Release Notes 1.6.0-AC. (1.1.3)

  • Bugfix: Added log entries to trace better potential problems.

Release Notes 1.6.0-AC. (1.1.2)

  • Bugfix: Improved list fields.

Release Notes 1.6.0-AC. (1.1.1)

  • Bugfix: Comment header is now internacionalized.

Release Notes 1.6.0-AC. (1.1.0)

  • New Feature: CSV export options included.

Release Notes 1.6.0-AC. (1.0.0)

  • New Feature: Exporter Cloud is alive.