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Q: For any reason my JIRA instance keeps many open files and processes and I see that is because of Exporter, how can I proceed?

This is a problem that we have detected only for RedHat based OS's and Exporter versions prior to 2.1.5, if you have a CentOS/RedHat distribution, we strongly recommend following these instructions to prevent malfunctions:

1) Uninstall Exporter
2) Reboot JIRA (this will close the previous open connections)
3) Install Exporter again, at least version (2.1.5)

Q: Is it possible to export as many issues as I want?

A: YES, you can export all the issues that you want. Keep in mind that if there are many issues the process may take so much time

Q: Can I export more than one extra content in the same export?

A: YES, you can export the Attachments, Comments and Transitions all together.

Q: Why the transitions are not available when exporting to CSV?

A: The target of exporting to a CSV file is to import into another JIRA instance. Doing that makes no sense to import the transition log because the new instance may have different workflows and JIRA doesn't allow it.

Q: Does Exporter allows me to export comments and attachments and re-import them to a different JIRA instance?

A: Yes, the export files you get is totally compatible with another JIRA instance, regardless of the platform (Server or Cloud). You can even export/import the attachments!. Just follow the JIRA instructions to import them.

Q: I have problems with importing my Sprints into JIRA after using the default JIRA CSV export option. Can I import back it well with Exporter CSV export?

A: Yes, we export Sprints fields with the correct format in order to allow its issues to be imported back into JIRA. JIRA default CSV export is not compatible with JIRA importer by the moment.

Q: What languages does Exporter support? Will be my exported file in my JIRA language?

A: At the moment we support both English and Spanish, but, this is referred to the export process because your exported files will be translated as you have configured on your JIRA. 

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