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Let's organize your project

The first step you will need to do when using Profields is to create a Layout where you will place the Project Fields to start organizing your portfolio. Follow the steps to know more: 

Step 1: Starting with a Layout

  1. Click on the "Create Layout" button on the Getting Started screen
    1. Or go to the Profields menu on the top bar and click con "Layout

  2. You will be redirected to the Layout Manager screen with a blank layout, ready to be designed.

  3. The first thing you can edit is the Title and Description by clicking on them directly

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Step 2: Create your first project fields


  1. You don't have any field yet, click on "Create field" button to open the dialog for creating a new Project field
  2. Select the field type you want, i.e. "Date picker". This one will create a date picker Project field to select a specific date

  3. Type the field name and a description and click on "Create" when you are ready to go, the field will be created.

  4. Once created you are ready to apply it to the Layout, click on "Add fields here" section inside the layout and you can select the recently created field from the list

  5. When selected you will have the field added to the Layout, repeat the action Create field all the times needed to have the fields that you need to organize your projects


Step 2: Design the layout


  1. Create and add all the fields you want and add them to the Layout, do you need more columns and rows? No problem, just click on the Columns button on the top of every row it will be slit into two or three columns. Click on one or two columns button again to have only those number of columns. Your layout, your design!

  2. To have more rows on your Layout click on "Add row" button

  3. It's time to change columns color, click on the Options button on their right side and select the color you wish

  4. Have you realized you can drag and drop your fields from one column to another? 
  5. Click on the "Save" button when you have finished designing the Layout, don't worry, you can edit it whenever you want.

  6. Now that that the field is created you can apply to the projectsclick on the Layout options button and then click on "Associate project".

  7. Select all the JIRA Projects that you wish to apply the Layout. You can change this selection at any time without losing any field and value.

  8. When you are done selecting the projects, click on "Associate" to complete the action.
  9. Congratulations! You have created your firsts Project Fields and a Layout that is applied to one or more Projects.


Next steps

The next step is to give value to your recently created fields

  1. Go to the Project screen of those which you wish to edit
  2. Click on the Profields button

  3. If you have applied a Layout on this Project, will be shown with the fields values empty
  4. Click on "Edit values" button to enter the edit mode
  5. Select and type the values in the fields
  6. Click on "Save" button 
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