Version Tracker is a plugin for JIRA that allows you to perform an efficient track of your versions, managing every version within it. 

  • Powerful version management. All in one page.

Version Tracker gives you a powerful tool to manage your versions. 

All these features will be available at the same page. You don't have to navigate through different JIRA pages to look to all your version info.

  • Find issues and their time tracking for your versions

It is very simple to look at your version issues and see every time track on them.

  • Filter version issues

It is possible to filter version issues to have a particular point of view of a version. With this you will be able to improve your version management.

  • Additional issue information

You are able to review additional issue information, like links, not only a list of it.

  • Version progress chart

Review your version with this chart, where you can look at the history of the spent and remaining time. You are able to decide if you are doing well or the version has time troubles looking at your progress and the guideline that is based on the version issues original estimate.


  • You have to create your version before you use Version Tracked to track them.
  • Large version may take a little bit more to be tracked.
  • The chart will be displayed only for a valid date range.


At the moment, if your JIRA version is 6.4 or greater, you have to select classic view mode to be able to use Version Tracker.