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Is it possible at all to switch a field from manual input to database connection?Once you select a list with manual or external source cannot be changed to another type, you’d need to create a new field and migrate the values via script. 
What happens if the DB connections become unavailable? Are the values stored locally? In this case, the selected values remain, once you select a value for a project, the values are copied in the Jira DB. What cannot be accessed are the options to change the values or select a new one because the external DB is queried on this moment. 

How can I use Profields in a JQL function?

Profields' project fields are meant to be used in a Project context, that's why we provide the Project Navigator, on it you can filter and organize projects, as well as use the Advanced search.

If you want to use Project fields within the JIRA's Issues navigator and use the JQL, you should map the fields as JIRA's custom fields so they can be used there.

Is it possible to control whether the custom field is mandatory or not?

Is possible to mark a custom field as "Non-empty" in a Layout. This means that for all the projects associated with a Layout, this field cannot be blank once is set for the first time. This is because the Project Field screen is inline edit.

If you are not a JIRA admin, but you are a project admin can you add fields made in Profields to your projects pre-existing screen schema?Yes, with Profields 5 the Project Admins can manage Profields, but only if they are allowed to in the Administration Screen, you have more information here: Administration
Does the project admin the ability to delete fields from the pre-existing JIRA schema?Yes, but only if they have permissions to administer Profields, the same permissions than the previous question.
The function in the JIRA Issue Navigator ProfieldsOperator() doesn't workThe function ProfieldsOperator() is deprecated and is not available anymore. Now you can map any Project Field as a JIRA Custom Field easily. Once you do that, you can search by this field in the Issue Navigator as you do with any other issue field.

How can I tell whether I am using Profields addon or not?

Check it out on Add-on Administration screen and see if Profields is in the list (you need to be a JIRA admin).

If you want to know if JIRA Server has already the Profields features, JIRA doesn't include the capability of creating custom fields at a Project level.

Search for project lead using pql

The solution that better fits with your need are to create a User Picker project field and give the value of the user that you wish, can be the project leader or any other. Remember that you can create as many fields that you want so you can have multiple managers or leaders.

Is possible to give Edit permission for a field to 2 roles?

The way to give permissions is selecting just one role. The way to give permissions to more roles is configuring them to have another user or merge roles.

URL field and fields not showing on Create Issue

The way to see project fields created with Profields inside the issue's screen (create, edit, close, etc.) is choosing the field to be a *JIRA Custom Field*, you can see the documentation page

Can profields be used to add fields to Manage Version

Right now Profields just appear inside the Project Screen and the fields are related to Projects. But is in our roadmap to improve the add-on allowing fields for versions. Meanwhile, a workaround that you can have is to create a Script Field in Profields and get the version information via de JIRA Java API.

Does Profields has a multiline field?


Examples for the script field

You can see a few examples in the Profields documentation: https://confluence.deiser.com/display/PROFIELDS43/Script+Examples

Start the project navigator with a default filter/view

When you click on a filter you will have the complete URL with the filter id. Then you can go to this filter if you bookmark this url in the browser.

How can I make different auto-updating statistics?

Hi, to filter the projects you can use the PQL in our Gadgets, try it in the Project Navigator.
For the statistics you can map our Profields fields into a issue customfields and the use them as normal (readonly) issue custom field.

Profiled doesn't appear in custom form

JIRA does not provide us, on the creation issue screen, the project on which the issue is going to be created.

For that, we could not get the value of the custom fields associated to project fields.

So, it is not possible to see project fields with an associated custom field on the issue creation screen due to that JIRA restriction. Although, it is possible to see them on all other screens.

Acceso campos profields confluence

Si los mapeas como custom fields podrĂ­as utilizar el macro JIRA Issue/Filter.
Fuera de ahĂ­ tendrĂ­as que hacerte tu propio macro y consultar el API Rest que proporciona Profields, de esta manera ya podrĂ­as hacer lo que quieras con los datos.
Siempre que tengas el Application Link a JIRA claro.

How can I format the output of a cumulative issue field?

It works like this. pretty format (weeks, hours, days) is always used. Example: A field format: 10d 23h, and another field format: 10.125

Filters not shareable

Profields do not allow for now to share Project Navigator filters but they will come soon.

Characters supported in Profields

The limit of the Profields field value is 255 characters.

ProFields Add-on Developer License for our JIRA TEST Server

Atlassian does not give us any procedure to make developer licenses. They generate the licenses of the add-on. We have no problems if you use the same license key in your production and test environments.

"No data available" for Project fields configured for JIRA project

The scheme that you've associated with the project is empty.

Profield values in JIRA database

Hi, they are calculated custom fields. The only place where it is stored in Profields tables.

Is it possible for the project Lead to have rights for editing fields ?

The one who can edit fields is the Project Admin

Clone operation writes custom field values in the database for profield CF

Profields does not save any values in the customfieldvalue table because the values of each field are stored in our tables, all our custom fields are calculated in real time.

How to create global project fields

You can not create fields out of the schemes.

User picker field only allowing one user

You can only select one user is in each field.

Driver class not found in the system. Please introduce this driver in Jira

You need to add the Driver (jar) to JIRA (path:/lib) and restart JIRA. SQLServer (sqljdbc), Oracle(ojdbc) and MySQL(mysql-connector).