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Getting started with Profields

Getting started with Profields

This article will guide you through your first steps in Profields. We want you to feel comfortable using Profields. Because we don't want to drive you mad navigating too many steps and screens, we'll show you how it takes just a few clicks to get started and see how the software hangs together. 

Step 1: The Getting Started screen

The Getting Started screen is the first screen you will see after installing Profields. You can reach this screen via any of these three scenarios:

  1. Immediately after successfully installing Profields , click on the Get started button.
  2. On the JIRA navigation bar, click on the Profields button, then select Getting Started.
  3. When selecting the Profields button on any JIRA Project screen.

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Step 2: Navigating the Getting Started screen

The Getting Started screen has everything you need to start using Profields. Here you will see the news and latest updates, as well as links to the main features and functions you will use every day. 


Step 3: Checking permissions

If this is the first time that you are installing Profields, remember that everyone that has a Project administrator permission in at least one project, will be a Profields admininistrator.

What can a Profields administrator do?

  • Manage fields
  • Manage layouts
  • Associate layouts with projects
  • Add or remove another Profields administrator

To change this and only allow certain users/groups to be Profields administrators:

  1. Go to ProfieldsAdministration.
  2. Unselect the green slider.
  3. Include the users and groups that you want to be Profields administrators. 

Note: Keep in mind that JIRA administrators will always be Profields administrators; there's no need give them permission specifically.

Step 4: Checking your projects in Project Navigator

Now you are ready to go to the Project Navigator and begin searching through your projects, creating fields and saving filters.

  1. Go to ProfieldsSearch for Projects.
  2. Once you are in Project Navigator you will see your current projects.
  3. You can use the Basic Search, or perform an Advanced Search with PQL (Profields Query Language). PQL is very similar to JIRA's JQL.
  4. To start creating custom fields for your project Custom Fields, go to Next Steps: Designing a layout and first fields below.