Watch projects

Watch projects, what does it mean?

As of right now, you can subscribe to any project where you want to receive instant notifications when a value from a project field is updated. In matter of seconds, you will receive a notification in your email showing you the previous and current values, among other important info, of the recently updated project and its field.

First of all, after installing Profields 6.5.0 and as soon as you enter the Project Layout of your selected project, you'll find the new Watch Project button that is located on the top right corner of the screen, right next to Edit Layout button. This Watch Project button needs to be activated in every project you want to be a watcher of. 

Once this functionality is activated, each time a project value is modified, an email with the following information will be sent to all subscribed users:

  • Project name: name of the updated project.
  • Field name: name of the updated field.
  • New value: current value of the field in the project.
  • Original value: value of the field before being updated.
  • Updated by: user who made the modification.
  • Updated on: the date on which the field was updated.


Please, keep in mind that you'll receive these notifications when any of our Custom Project Fields Types are modified. With the exception of Script Fields and Cummulative fields as for these two cannot be modified or edited on Project Level. 

Who can be a watcher?

To be able to use this functionality you must have Profields: Watch Projects permissions, which are located in the permission scheme of the project. You can find more information in the following section.

What are the requirements for watching a Project ?

Your SMTP mail server needs to be set up in your JIRA instance in order to be able to enjoy the Watch Projects functionality of Profields. Here you can find out how to set it up.

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