Project fields

The Project fields option of Bulk Operations allows you to modify project fields from one or many projects at the same time. 

1. First, you need to filter through the projects you want to apply these Bulk Operations to. (See

2. Then, as mentioned before, by selecting the 'Bulk operations' button, the drop-down list will appear.

3. Select 'Project fields' and the first screen will pop-up, where you will be able to select the project field you wish to modify (as an example we will choose the Budget fields which is a Number field type):

4. Upon selecting the field that you want to modify, the next step will be to choose between 'Clear field' and 'Select new number'. We'll enter the number we want to be added in the text box, in this case '100'. 

5. As soon as you click on the 'Next' button you'll see the confirmation screen showing the modifications that will take place.

6. Upon confirmation, the next step will show you the process of modifiying the project fields for the project/projects you have chosen. It might take a while, depending on the number of projects you have selected. You can also leave this page without worring, as the process will be done in the background. 

7. When the process is completed a confirmation message will let you know what operations have been done. Also, by displaying the results you will see what projects have been modified, and (if there is some more info) this will show any other information that's relevant to the project/projects that have been modified.

And that's it! Using Profields Bulk Operations you'll be able to modify one or more projects really fast and simple, allowing you to keep you Projects clean and tidy without getting into a lot of steps that could take a long time. Now, you'll have time for that cup of coffee you were looking forward to have.

Please, keep in mind that in the steps above we chose to modify a field which type is Number, but there are nine other types to choose from. The following screenshots will show examples:

List (single choice)

List (Multiple choice)

Here you'll have an additional step in order to choose between 'Add value' and 'Remove value'.

And after this, you'll be able to choose one or many of the fields' values. 

Text (Single and Multiple line)