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Getting started with Profields

Jira Project Tracking

Track Projects, save time, gain control and make decisions based on advanced reporting, notifications and visual insights.

Before starting - basic concepts:

  • Profields lets you create custom fields for Jira at Project level. They are not custom fields for issues.
  • You can decide which fields you want to display per project in the Layouts. The layouts are like the schemes in Jira.

User's guide

Administrator's guide

Profields Administrator

Just for Jira Administrators

Search and filter your projects

In the Project Navigator, you can find and sort the projects you are interested in 

Save your preferred filters to use whenever you need them.

Create fields

Project status, scrum master, due date... create all project custom fields you are missing.

Configure permissions

Delegate Profields Administration, and focus on other tasks. Discover how.

Edit fields

Modify project values from the layout of your projects.

Create Layouts

Organize your fields in layouts and create views for your project information

Scripts field

Create a Script field to consult external services, search in Jira or display information from other tools. The possibilities are endless.

Create dashboards for project management

Start taking decisión building reporting with Profields gadgets

Associate layouts to projects 

Decide which project view you want for any of your projects and everything is ready to populate project values.

Setup workflow transitions 

With Profields you can change your issue workflow depending on the current project values.

Am I Profields Administrator?

Do you see the administration area in Profields menu inside the Jira navigation bar? If you see it, you are a Profields Administrator!

If you want to become a Profields Administrator, contact the Jira administrators.