Mapping as Jira Custom fields

Sometimes, when a team is deciding what Project custom field to create and how to define it, there is a question that always comes up: can we see this field in an Issue? The answer, is yes. Profields allows you to Map Project fields as Jira Custom fields. 

"How do you do that?" you might be asking youself. It is as simple as:

  1. Selecting the "more options" button on the top right corner of the edition field window.
  2. Choosing "Map into Jira issue custom field"

And that's it!

Please, keep in mind that in the Fields manager, you can always see which Field has been mapped as a Jira Custom fields just by checking if the "Jira" icon is right next to the Field's name. 

On this page

Custom fields are a very important part of the Jira core functionality. Using them, we are able to perform many extra actions.

It is possible to associate a project field with a Jira custom field for the following project field types:

  • Text field
  • Number field
  • Date field
  • Duration field
  • User field
  • Project field
  • Group field
  • List field
  • Status field
  • Priority field

Full Server & Data Center compatibility

You can associate your project fields with Jira custom fields in Data Center instances too! Now that we are fully compatible with Data Center instances, there is no difference between using Profields on Server or Data Center instances.

Calculated fields cannot use this feature

It is not possible to associate a project field with a Jira custom field on a Cumulative Issue field nor Script field. The reason is that the nature of the mechanics of calculated fields may cause performance issues and slow Profields down.

Custom fields map project fields values

It is very important to remember that every associated Jira custom field will get its value from a project field. For this reason, to ensure you get the results you expect in your JIRA workflow, both fields must be synchronized. This synchronization is done using the project fields update process.

Custom field details

When an association is saved, a custom field is created with the same name and description as the associated project field. 

You may still modify the screens where it is used. The configuration should be set up in the same way as with any other custom field.

Now you can edit and configure the context of the custom field.

Using custom fields

The process to associate a project field is really simple. On the Fields page (Go to ProfieldsFields), create a new project field or edit an existing one, and then select the custom field association option: Map into a JIRA issue custom field.

Select the option on the Edit field (field name) screen:

IMPORTANT: Be aware that, as per the JIRA Permissions Scheme, the field value will be visible to anyone who has access to the issue and the field.