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Migrating from Profields 4.x

Profields 5.0 is a huge step forward. We have built the add-on from scratch to make it faster and more user-friendly, and to introduce new features that will make Jira project management better than ever.

On this page, you will find information about what's new and what has changed, as well as tips and recommendations to get you up and running quickly. If you were an active user of Profields 4.x, keep reading to hit the ground running with this new version of Profields.

Browser compatibility

Profields 5.0 is compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. We are working with Atlassian on compatibility with Internet Explorer 11.

Script Fields

Are you using Script fields? You should read this.

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What's new in Profields 5.0?

  • Now you're able to classify different field types through two new standards: Status and Priority. You can still use the the predefined fields that come with JIRA (Component, URL, etc. ...).
  • Administrators have new privileges. Respectively:
    • Project administrators are the only ones allowed to edit the value of project fields.
    • Profields administrators have the power to change edit permissions. 
  • We have renewed the spine of Profields. The Project Navigator now allows you to:
    • Filter directly by project fields, specifically, the ones predefined by JIRA (Leader, Component, URL, etc. ...).
    • Easily create directly from Project Navigator all the fields you may need for your projects.
    • Use the Options menu to create and save custom filters.
  • Known before as schemas and now called layouts, this important feature has been revamped and allows you to organize and reuse older project fields much better. It relieves repetitive configuration tasks and allows up to three levels of hierarchical organization.
  • Our REST and Java APIs have been renovated and are more user-friendly, thanks to a new design paradigm which puts design first.
  • You can associate multiple projects with layouts at a time.
  • Experience a more friendly user interface and a user experience suited to your needs; the development of Profields 5.0 was based on the new Atlassian Design guide, called ADG3.

Browser compatibility note: Profields 5.0 is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (we are working on compatibility with Internet Explorer 11.)

Migrating to Profields 5.x

Migration is automatic; it will take place when you update the add-on in Jira. We recommend refreshing the page once Profields 5.x is installed to see all the changes.

You will see a new Profields menu on the Jira navigation bar.

If you have any problem with the installation process - for instance, you can't see all the items on the Profields menu or any of your previous fields have disappeared - please send a support ticket to https://jira.deiser.com/support. We'll be glad to help.

Rollback to Profields 4.x

Is it possible to roll back to a previous version of Profields?

YES. It's possible. Profields 5.x migrates all the information to new tables on the database and keeps the old ones. If you want to roll back, you just need to uninstall Profields 5.x and then re-install the version that you had before.

Note: The information that you will have after the rollback will be the same as what you had right before the migration. Any information created in Profields 5.x will be lost.

Jira administrator permissions have changed

First things first, we believe this is one of the most important changes you need to know about.

Profields 4.xProfields 5.x

The Jira administrator has all the power.

Every configuration change has to be done from the Add-ons administration site.

There is a new role: Profields administrator.

Once you update to Profields 5.x, the Jira administrator will be the only Profields administrator. This role has the authority to manage every aspect of Profields.

The Profields administrator can also decide who else can have Profields administrator permissions. This can be done on the Administration screen (users or groups), which can be accessed via the Profields menu on the Jira navigation bar.

IMPORTANT: If the use Profields without restrictions flag is marked, all JIRA project administrators will have Profields administrators' permissions. If not, only the JIRA administrators and the users/groups selected will be Profields administrators.

Role of Profields administrator

This is a new role in Profields 5.x that in previous versions only JIRA administrators had.

What can a Profields administrator manage?

  • Control fields
  • Manage layouts
  • Associate layouts with projects
  • Add or remove another Profields administrator

JIRA project administrators now matter

Step by step, Atlassian is giving more importance to JIRA project administrators. As Profields is an add-on that helps to manage project fields and project information, we believe that project administrators should have an important role.


In consequence, the edit permission on project fields will disappear, but project adminstrators will be able to modify them.

IMPORTANT: Once you migrate, the project roles who had the view permission for project fields will be the same in the new implementation. Everyone that couldn't see a project field in Profields 4.x will still be restricted in Profields 5.x.

Project Navigator and gadgets are faster than ever

We know that many users reported that with many projects, the Project Navigator was slow, as were gadgets.

This has been one of our most important issues to focus on: to make the Project Navigator and Gadgets faster than ever, and we are proud of the results achieved:

Schemas are now called layouts; they seem the same, but offer a lot more possibilities

Project fields can be grouped as schemas. With Profields 5.0 we have made them even better:

  • We've renamed schemas as layouts. Why? Because the grouped construct is a layout of fields, containers and sections that you create and organize as you wish.
  • layouts are flexible. You can quickly create containers and fields inside them.
  • You can add existing fields or create new ones directly in a layout.
  • Drag and drop fields and containers into a layout and organize them any way you want.
  • Easily associate a layout with projects. You can even associate all your projects with one layout in just a few clicks.
  • If you change a project's layout, you will never lose existing field values; even if the new layout doesn't have a particular field that existed in the previous layout, the value will be retained .

Find more information here.

New REST and Java API's

A new architecture ... new API's. Profields 5.0 has new REST and Java API's.  Check it out here: Java and REST API's.

Note: If you have script fields and custom developments you will need to adapt them to the new API's.

What's missing from previous versions?

So far we have left behind:

  • The export to Excel feature in Project Navigator
  • The move columns feature in Project Navigator

Of course, this doesn't mean that we will not include these features in future versions, just that they are not present in version 5.0.

We're working on it and it's coming soon!