Cascade fields

With Profields you can create list fields in cascade, their values will depend on the option you have selected on its father.

Step 1: Create or edit the field that will be used as a "father"

  1. Go to the Profields menu on the Jira navigation bar and click Fields.
  2. Click on the Create fields button. Then List and choose the right type of list you want. In this tutorial, we'll use single choice.
  3. Set the values, like any other List.

Step 2: Create or edit a "child" list

Repeat the same process of the previous step but don't type any option yet.

Click on the options button in the top right corner

Select the option Depend on another list

Below select the "father" list.

Type the values for every "father" list option, in this case for every country will have its cities.

Click Save

Step 3: Be sure they are on the same layout

Both fields should be on the same Layout to be used on the projects. Visit this page to know more about how to config Layouts: Creating layouts and project fields

Step 4: Cascade fields are ready

Your cascade fields are ready to be used.

Go to the Project Fields screen under the Project Section in JIRA

Click on the "father" list and select a value

The "child" list will show the values available according to the one selected in the father.

You can concatenate all the fields in cascade that you wish