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Automation use cases

Due to our latest integration with Automation for Jira, here is a list of the main use cases that we (DEISER team) believe are important for every user to know. 

If you want to take advantage of Profields and Automation for Jira integration don't miss our e-book with 7 practical uses cases and start to save time and enhance project tracking in Jira.

With this ebook you'll learn about:

  • How to automate the creation of a task for a Jira Admin when a project is ready to archive.
  • How to automate notifications to all Jira admins when a project is deleted.
  • How to automate budget status value when budget value is more than 0.
  • How to automate project status value to active when it has issues updated last day.
  • How to automate project status value to open when the project is created.
  • How to automate the update of country value based on project lead information.
  • How to automate the project status value based on issue creation.