The list view is the default view of Projectrak. Whenever you access the project navigator you will enter here; it is a view where you can list all the projects you have access to and choose which fields you want to display.

Adding columns

Above the table on the right side, click on the Columns button at the top-right of the table.

Hide columns

There are two ways to hide columns from the table of results:

1. In the results section, click on the Columns button at the top-right of the table and then click on the X icon at the right of every field you want to remove.

2. Click on the button to the right of the name for every column to hide it, as simple as that.

Move columns

Move the columns to organize the information according to your needs. Click for a few moments and you can drag the column to where you want.

Switch to another page

Use pagination to move between pages.

More features