In this new Projectrak's Releases view you will be able to track every Project version and the dates related to them as in the start dates and the release dates. Upon expanding the project rows you will also be getting an in-depth look at how many releases that project has had, allowing you to cycle through those dates and getting ahead on your Project tracking. These are the sections that will help you track and plan your project versions:

1. Date selection: that allows you to select a time frame where the whole process of that release can be seen. Being able to expand and contract that time frame.

2. Version status: which will filter through the selected status: unreleased, released and archived. 

3. Results: where you can see the results of your filters, showing you the timeline of the active work upon your releases, the start, and release dates represented by timelines and dots. Upon expanding on the project name, you will be able to see how many versions that project has. 

Date range

On the top middle of the results list you will find the date range picker. This will show the timeline of your release in a period of time not larger than 365 days. 

By clicking on the date range, a small window will appear where you will be able to choose the range you want to see. 

Hit Apply and that range will instantly be shown in the results list, along with your projects' releases. 

Release date edition

In the results list, after selecting a general date range, you will also be able to edit an specific project's start and release date:

Click on one of the circles and a small window will appear showing all the relevant information to that project's release as in the version Name (top left), the status of the release (top right), the total number of versions and their status (colored line) and the date range picker

When choosing a start or end date, the results view will automatically adjust to your selection, accomodating the view to that date range.

Release status filtering

The Releases view will also allow you to filter through 3 different Version status: unreleased, released and archived.

By selecting the Version status button, a drop down menu will show with the three different options in order to filter by. 

Choosing one, unreleased for example, will only show the versions in your projects that have not been released yet. 

Expanded view of your project's versions

Once you have the results you wanted, after filtering, you will be able to see the time and further information of an specific project version upon selection:

By clicking on the expand arrow, the release results will show how many versions the project has, dividing them line by line with their own information