Better Excel Export for Jira is a powerful Excel exporter that allows you to report in native XLS/XLSX output spreadsheets and allows you to create spreadsheets template and scripts. 

How to use Projectrak in Better Excel Exporter?

Map the Projectrak fields you want to use in Rich Filters

After mapping the Projectrak's project custom fields to issue custom fields (using the standard Projectrak feature), the Better Excel Exporter app transparently exports those to Excel:

Integration features

You can export the Projectrak-specific issue custom field types to which the Projectrak-specific project custom fields are mapped to. The supported project custom field types include DateDurationGroupListNumberPriorityProjectStatusText and User to Excel. (Cumulative and Script are not supported, as those cannot be mapped to issue custom fields.)

Integration Examples:

Issues with Projectrak custom fields

This export contains issues from multiple projects, with the Projectrak-managed data of their encompassing projects (column E-L). Note that the Projectrak values are exported with precise data types (numbers, dates, etc.).

Projects with Projectrak custom fields

Not only issues, but also projects can be exported to Excel (using this technique). If you have a large number of projects, it offers an easy way to search, share and transfer project information between stakeholders or IT systems.

Projectrak project report

You can also create powerful cross-project, program- and portfolio reports from Projectrak data. This example contains pivot charts to visualize the project status distribution among projects, the project costs, and the relationship between those (cost by status).