Better PDF Export for Jira is a powerful PDF exporter that allows you to report in native PDF output images and allows you to create templates, easily export every issue detail to PDF and simply customize PDF content, look and logic.

How to use Projectrak in Better PDF Exporter?

Map the Projectrak fields you want to use in Rich Filters

After mapping the Projectrak's project custom fields to issue custom fields (using the standard Projectrak feature), the Better PDF Exporter app transparently exports those to PDF:

Integration features

You can export the Projectrak-specific issue custom field types to which the Projectrak-specific project custom fields are mapped to. The supported project custom field types include Date, Duration, Group, List, Number, Priority, Project, Status, Text and User to PDF. (Cumulative and Script are not supported, as those cannot be mapped to issue custom fields.)

Integration examples

Issue with Projectrak custom fields

This sample is a single task exported to PDF, transparently merging issue-specific fields (like Status) with project-specific fields managed by Projectrak (like Project customer). Better PDF Exporter can export Projectrak data, mapped project custom fields to issue custom fields, without any configuration.

Issue list with Projectrak custom fields

This document contains issues from multiple projects. Note that each row contains Projectrak-managed data obtained from the issue's encompassing project, in the columns from "Project" to "Final project deadline".

Project list with Projectrak custom fields

Not only issues but also projects can be exported to PDF. If you have a large number of projects, it offers an easy way to search, share project information between stakeholders and executives.