As you might already know, Automation for Jira will allow you to automate different actions in Jira. And since Projectrak 7 we are integrated with it, so you can automate actions towards your Jira Projects

What did we do add to Automation in order for you to be able to automate actions?

  • Triggers
  • Conditions
  • Actions
  • Smart values

How to use Projectrak in Automation for Jira?


We have added 3 Projectrak triggers in order for you to be able to set us your Automation Rules:

  • Project Created: rule is run when a Project is created.
  • Project deleted: rule is run when a Project is deleted. 
  • Project field value updated: executes the rule when a Project field value is updated. 

You can find more information about Automation triggers right here.


When creating rules, you will also find a Projectrak condition named Project Query Condition, that will check if the project or the issue form the project matches the configured PQL. 

You can find more information about Automation conditions right here.


All these setting up will come down to an action. That's why we added the action called Update project, which will allow you to set the values from fields of any project that you have configured in the rule. As simple as that. 

You can find more information about actions right here.

Smart values

What are smart values?

For example the smart value {{now.plusDays(5)}} references the current time and adds 5 days to it. {{issue.summary}} will print off the summary of the issue.

Let’s look at a quick example. Say you wanted to add a comment to an issue on transition, and address the reporter and assignee of the issue that was transitioned by name. All you need to do is insert the right smart values in the appropriate places in your comment:

Projectrak Smart values

We added some smart values that will help you at the time of gathering information around Jira. We added a few so please, keep in mind that these Smart values will apply to different triggers.

Here is a list:

  • Project created trigger & Project deleted trigger:
    • projectName
    • projectKey
  • Project field value trigger:
    • projectName
    • fieldName
    • userKey
    • updateDate

Please, if you need more information regarding Automation for Jira, do not hesitate and visit their documentation right here.