What is Bulk operations?

Bulk operations is the way to modify or delete one or more projects, roles, project leads, categories, or components from your Jira instance at the same time. This way you can keep your JIRA instance tidy and organized. This means that there is going to be a few new steps added to Projectrak.

You'll find the new Bulk operations button that is located on the top right corner of the screen. By selecting it, you'll see the drop-down menu that will show all the possible bulk operations that you are going to be able to do.

How does Bulk operations work?

In order for you to understand the feature, we'll explain how it works in a few simple steps that you'll find in the next pages. 


Please note, that this feature has dependencies on the user's permissions. Here's a simple explanation of how these work:

  • Users without Bulk Change global permission shall not be able to execute any operation.
  • Jira Administrators is the only one who can delete projects and change the category.

  • Project administrator will be able to use next Bulk Operations:
    • Roles
    • Lead
    • Components