Many times, as Jira admins, we need to delegate some of our tasks to Project Admins, or even to Jira Users, without granting them access to every administration module. One of these tasks might be adding values to custom fields, where Projectrak and Elements Connect (former nFeed) will allow Projectrak Admins to add values without being Jira Admins. 

In order to achieve the full integration results, you just need both Apps latest versions and to follow these simple steps:

How to use Projectrak in Elements Connect?

Create a field with Projectrak

In this case, we will create a project custom field called: Country. Please, keep in mind that there will be no need to add it to a Layout).

Configure Elements Connect

In order to configure Elements Connect properly, please follow these steps that Elements has kindly shared with us: and create a custom field. 

Once the previous steps are done you would only need to indicate the parameters, using our REST API service, that will allow us to get and use the before mentioned values.

Configuration example (158 is the Projectrak field ID previously created.)


Using Projectrak and Elements Connect, you will be able to provide your team with one or many custom fields which values would be able to be defined by Projectrak admins, taking a big workload from the Jira Admins shoulders. 

Pro Tip

Here you will be able to find a post in DEISER's blog where we present an example of this integration applied to running complex IT service catalog in Jira Service Desk: