The Delete Projects option of Bulk Operations allows deleting one or more selected projects. 

1. First, you need to filter through the projects you want to apply these bulk operations to.

2. Then, as mentioned before, by selecting the 'bulk operations' button, the drop-down list will appear.

3. Select 'delete projects' and the first screen will pop-up, confirming the number of projects you have just selected and a suggestion that will help you tidy up your Jira instance. It looks like this:

Please, keep in mind that we will let you know that you'll be able to delete schemes associate with this project and its entities too, in case you want to. If these schemes are associated with other projects that you don't want to delete, we will not touch them. You can see what Schemes will be affected if you check the box just by selecting 'Entities to delete'. Here's a screenshot as an example.

4. By clicking on the 'Next' button, you'll be prompted with the Confirmation Screen. Here we want you to make sure that this action cannot be undone. This is why we strongly suggest that you create a backup

This step will show you the process of deleting the project/projects you have chosen. It might take a while, depending on the number of projects you have selected. You can also leave this page without worrying, as the process will be done in the background. 

6. When the process is completed a confirmation message will let you know what operations have been done. Also, by displaying the results you will see what projects have been deleted, and (if there is some more info) this will show any other information that's relevant to the project/projects that have been deleted.

And that's it! Using Projectrak bulk operations you'll be able to delete one or more projects really fast and simple, allowing you to keep Jira clean and tidy without getting into a lot of steps that could take a long time. Now, you'll have time for that cup of coffee you were looking forward to having.