Introducing our new and improved Project pie chart. 

This new gadget will allow you to create better dashboards in Jira and will give you the ability to track your projects in a more efficient and improved way. 

As you can see in the screenshot above, we have improved the pie chart look and feel and added new features that will take your reporting to another level. 

How to configure the "Project pie chart" gadget

As with any other gadget, you just need to select "Add a gadget" in your Jira Dashboard and search for Projectrak gadgets easily.

Once you have chosen the Projectrak project pie chart, the next step would be to configure it. Projectrak will provide you with different criteria in order for you to have all you important information displayed:

1. Title: this will allow you to set up a name for the gadget in order to recognize it at first glance. 

2. Source of the gadget: here you will be able to choose between fetching your information form a PQL query (if left empty, the gadget will show the results for all your projects) or an already saved Projectrak filter. 

3. Project fields to base the gadget on: here is the most important part because you will be able to select the field you want to see statistics from. For example, a Status type field called "Status". 

4. Sort results by: this section will let you choose the sorting of the results in 2 different ways (Projects per values, Alphabetical order)

5. Legend information: you can select either of them, both or none in order to show the Projects total and/or the Percentage results. 

6. Pie colors: this is one of our greatest improvements, that will allow you to choose the colors you want in your Pie Chart. For example, after selecting "Project Status" fields, it can be really useful to select the colors in which these statuses have been defined when creating the Projectrak custom field. You will also be able to customize the gadget with the colors of your own choosing. 

Once you have all your configuration set up, you just need to select "Save" and behold Projectrak project pie chart! You will be able to see all the information about Projectrak at a glance.

The pie chart will show you the reference and percentage in a really good looking fashion, but thanks to the information on the table below the pie chart, you will go beyond that. Just by hovering over a line in the results table, the pie chart will highlight the representation of that line automatically, letting you see the reference of those numbers in the list. 

By choosing the total of Projects that the chart is representing (on the top right corner of the results list), you will be taken to Projectrak Project Navigator in order to see the complete results. 

And If you need to see which projects are the ones that represent a section and percentaje in the pie chart, you just need to click in that colour where you'll get more infomation stating the name of the represented value, the number of projects with that value and its percentage. Clicking on the number of projects will bring you back to the Project Navigator's List view and show you those projects that fall under that specific value.

Extra features

We believe that the end result and goal for statistics is reporting, this is why we have added the Excel and PDF export. The Excel export will only download the results table with the configuration that you chose before, whereas the PDF export will download the whole gadget, pie chart included.

PDF export result

Excel export result: