This Gadget generates a summary that shows, for each of the projects returned by the PQL, the original estimate for the project as well as the amount of time spent and time remaining for each of the projects (including a percent value.)

You can add this Gadget by searching on Projectrak: Project Timesheet Report (New).

How to configure the "Project timesheet report" gadget

The first steps are the same as adding a new gadget into your Jira Dashboard, just by selecting "Add a gadget" and searching for Projectrak gadgets.

Upon selecting "Projectrak project statistics" you will see the configuration screen for it. Here you will be able to set up the information you want to be shown in the gadget. Here you will find the following fields:

1. Title: this will allow you to set up a name for the gadget in order to recognize it at first glance.

2. Source of the gadget: here you will be able to choose between fetching your information from a PQL query (if left empty, the gadget will show the results for all your projects) or an already saved Projectrak filter. 

3. Issue filter: You can filter the issues for each project by selecting an Issue filter. (Note: Be careful with contradictions between the issue filter and the project filter.)

4. Original estimate: You should select a field in which you have the original estimate value for the projects. You can select a Projectrak Original Estimate field or select a summary of all the original estimate values for the project issues.

5. Time spent: The time spent is always based on the sum of all the time spent on the issues.

6. Remaining: How to calculate the Remaining estimate: If you choose the Original estimate minus Time spent, it shows the result of the difference between the original estimate and the Time spent. However, if you select Based on issues remaining, Remaining is the sum of all the issues with remaining estimates.

7. Time unit: You can select the format of the time result:

  • Days: (e.g. 4d 4.5h) 
  • Hours: (e.g. 36.5h)
  • Pretty: (e.g. 4 days, 4 hours, 30 minutes)

As soon as you hit the "Save" button you will see the "Project timesheet report" gadget in action.