Do you have any ideas? Ask for new features and know our implementation policy.


  • We don’t publish roadmaps with specific release dates. Discover in which features we are working on right now here

  • Ask for features or improvements
  • Suggested features and improvements are tracked in our collaborative ideas backlog system. We encourage our customers to comment on their displayed improvements and features. 
  • Our product managers review the most popular issues on a regular basis.
  • New features are selected and scheduled based on a number of factors, not just popularity.

How to ask for an improvement or feature implement

Go to our support portal and choose I need this improvement and explain to our team what do you need. 

Our team will review your request and probably will ask for more information about your need. 

After collecting all the data around the improvement we will publish it in our public backlog in order to generated interest for other users.

When you create a feature request, your suggestion automatically enters the Gathering Interest status, and your suggestion stays here until it's generated enough interest. Interest is measured based on several factors, such as the number of votes a request receives, and the UIS (User Impact Score) of the feature. UIS is automatically calculated, taking into consideration factors such as vote velocity and active users impacted. If your request hasn't generated enough interest over time, it will eventually be closed. With the large volume of suggestions that we receive, especially in Confluence and Jira Server, the new criteria will ensure the most popular suggestions are highlighted to be addressed sooner. 

Once a request has generated enough interest, it will move into the Reviewing state. In this state, an Atlassian Product Manager will start investigating the viability and relative priority of your suggestion, and then triage it into one of these statuses: Under ConsiderationFuture ConsiderationNot Being Considered.

How we choose what to implement

When we plan a release, we use many factors to help decide which suggestions to implement, including:

  • Customer feedbackthere are many ways we listen for your feedback: 
  • Support team insights - our support team know which issues are the most challenging, and most common for customers.
  • Solution partner insights - our solution partners help us better understand real-world customer deployments, especially for customers at scale.
  • Product analytics - analytics helps us understand how existing features are being used.
  • Product strategy - our long-term strategic vision for the product.

Our features workflow

We use the Idea issue type for improvements and feature requests. 

We have standardized our workflow statuses across products to make it easy for you to see where an issue is at. Here’s the current workflow, and a description of each status

Workflow statusDefinitionPhase

Gathering interest

This issue is waiting to gather more customer interest, before being reviewed by product team. 


Not Being Considered

We appreciate the merit of the idea but doesn't fit with our objectives. We'll review it again within a year to see if our decision has changed. 

AcceptedThe development team is currently working on this issue.


Waiting for release

The change has been implemented and is waiting to be shipped in a release. 


The idea is implemented in the product.

The Fix Version field will indicate the product version that contains the change.

Thanks to our user feedback we can improve daily our product.


How to get new features and improvements

To get access to new features and improvements for Cloud and Data Center products, you will need to upgrade to a release that contains the change.