Generate Token ID and Token Key

Why is this a necessary step?

This will be the information that each customer will have to provide you to use Projectrak data in your app.

Step 1 Go to the Project Navigator

Step 2 Go to API Integrations 

Step 3 Create your credentials (copy or save temporarily the "API key ID" and "API key")

Using Projectrak API

Integrate your app with Projectrak using this API documentation:

Login into Projectrak

The first service you will need to integrate your app with Projectrak is api-keys/jwt to create a new JWT (JSON web token): 

This will provide you with a JWT that you must incorporate in all calls. This JWT has an expiration date, if receive an error 401 in your calls, please create a new JWT again.

Please note that the JWT has an expiry date and we will tell you when it expires:

Other services:

Get all project fields created in the instance:

Get the value of a specific field ({fieldId}) for a specific project ({projectId}){projectId}/fields/{fieldId}